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Where It All Began

Lukinto Lake Lodge is located two or three hours North of White River, Ontario.  The lodge is located just north of paved Highway 17 on a gravel road that leads to dozens of lakes teaming with Walleye and Northern.  Some of these lakes are smaller some larger, all teaming with fish.

Lukinto will supply you with a boat or you can bring your own.  Pick a different lake each day you’re there.  My wife’s favorite is Kawakanika.  You have to boat through a couple of chain lakes, meander through a connecting river to emerge onto Kawakanika proper.  A larger lake studded with islands, structure, an occasional moose and a lot of Walleye.  There’s even a hidden river that leads to yet another lake.

One of my favorite lakes is Lower Jobrin.  This lake has many islands and a river connecting three lakes.  One of the best locations for afternoon Walleyes is right in front of the Osprey nest (they are either dumb fish or a smart bird) on the second lake just before the river to the third lake.

If you’re arriving late in the afternoon and want some walleye for dinner, head for Lake Chipman.  Launch your boat (our one of the lodges) from the beach and hug the left shore line.  After about four minutes with an eight horse power motor you’ll reach the mouth of a river.  Take the river all the way to the rapids and toss a jig with a minnow or curly tail... Walleye for dinner!

Your hosts at Lukinto are Danny and Linda Beaulieu.  Two of the most cordial hosts I have ever met.  They will answer all your questions and help insure your fishing trip is a smashing success.  Linda will even demonstrate her technique for filleting Northern!

Whether it’s Kawakanika for you or one of the dozens of other lakes in the area, there are thousands of shore lunch sites.

This is where the concept of Big Zac’s Shore Lunch Sac got it’s beginnings.  With all the beautiful locations for a shore lunch we wanted a convenient way to enjoy the lakes, take a break and eat some Walleye.

Put Lukinto on one of your future fishing destinations and let me know what you think.